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more of an observation than a question... ;)

it always seems that when i am away, trying to sleep, taking a shower, or whatever other moment that i can't jot down or make use of the idea, that ALL the ideas flood in.

for example, my workshop where my CNC router table is, has no lighting, yet. (on my list of things to do) so of course, if i was at a struggle point while out there, i come in to clear my head. then by the time my mind is ready to go, i look at the time, and it is almost sunset, or even just supper time. so if i am able, i jot down notes on my grand idea (mostly the reason for the forum on my personal website, just an idea blog), and that usually works.

but frustratingly, there are times when i can't. perhaps when in the shower, or worse, driving.
as i said, this is mostly an observation, as i can't really expect someone else to know how to fix my mind. ;) but i am fairly sure that others must share this frustration, even just a little?

i suppose, one advantage of my idea blog being on my website, is i can access it from my phone, most anywhere (except shower and driving, of course), and blast out my ideas...

as i write this... it has occurred to me that i have completely forgotten where i was going with this... yup, the thought has left me... :unsure: :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: perhaps that alone has some comic value. ;)

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I hear ya'! Some of my best designs come at 3 in the morning. My wife will ask what I designed last night because I was certainly not sleeping or still. I just do my best to recall what I was dreaming about or designing and see if I can replicate it in CorelDraw or Fusion 360.
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