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Time to say goodbye :-(

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Hi folks, some of you may have noticed i wear a bandana and some of you may have noticed that i have not been my usual "self" lately...to be honest the past month has been hell for me and my wife and i've kept the real reason quiet.

But yesterday...

I got the best news in the world ever...

That i am Cancer Free 馃憤

I just wanted to share this with you good folk and i apologise to anyone if i was a tad "off-handish" in any replies lately.


As of today I am going to be making major lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, hobbies etc. etc. including stepping away from the many forums (I already avoid Social Media) that i either Admin, Moderate or help out on as well as giving up my Committee roles in some local groups/community-projects/clubs.

I will stay on as Admin until next Monday (8th May) to give the guys at VS a chance to rearrange things at their end and to avoid them having to do any extra work this weekend. I will also do any cleaning/re-setting/other up at my end; to make life easier for the next person who takes up this role.

The forums and other local roles i held helped me "switch off" from any doom & gloom thoughts that wanted to invade my head and i've been grateful for this escapism, i've done crying tears but now it's time to live again, i owe it to myself and my wife.

I will be ordering my long overdue kayak (Pakayak Bluefin 142) tomorrow as a treat to myself and i'll be hitting numerous rivers very soon afterwards.


I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you all for everything you have done and for putting your trust and faith in me with looking after this forum. It was an absolute pleasure helping out and I鈥檝e loved every minute of it.

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Thank you for all the hard work you've done to help us out.

But most importantly best of luck on your journey to get better. Congratulations of the cancer free diagnoses!!
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Thank you. Live long and prosper.
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Take a motorcycle ride up to Alaska! Then ride back again!

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