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3D scanners originated at the end of the 1960s. Some sciences use light, cameras, and projectors to combine into a 3D scanner. But it takes a lot of time to get an accurate 3D model.

With the advent of computers, it was possible to digital highly complex objects on computers. So, we can use 3D scanners to scan complex objects and deal with this 3D model in a computer that we can't use ordinary tools to measure it.

3D scanner technology made serious progress in 1994. A 3D scanner called REPLICA has been released, with laser stripe scanning technology it allowed fast, highly accurate scanning of very detailed objects. But it still isn't a commercially available product.

In 1996, the same company released the first commercially available 3D scanner. It is the world's first Reality Capture System.

Industrial era

A German company GOM developed 3D laser scanners for 3D measurements after 1990. Their 3D scanner only applies to industrial 3D measurements. So, the price of their products is very expensive and more than 100000 USD.

Artec3d is another important company that has popularised 3d scanning technology. After 2010, Artec3d released a series of affordable high precision, and easy-use industrial 3D scanners. Artec3d 3D scanners range in price from US$10,000 to US$100,000. For many companies, Artec3d products are affordable if take into account the benefits of 3D scanner applications. Therefore, Artec3d products have been widely used in the fields of industry, art, and science.

Personal 3d scanner

Revopoint released the POP 3d scanner on Kickstarter in Dec 2020. This marks the dawn of the era of personal 3d scanners. Although it is not the first low-cost 3d scanner. But the accuracy of this 3D scanner is high enough to make it comparable to professional 3D scanners. And it has a very low barrier to use compared to professional scanners. So, it became the first consumer-grade 3d scanner to gain a large number of users.

In the past two years, Revopoint has released Revopoint POP 2 3D scanner and Revopoint MINI 3D scanner in quick succession. The Revopoint POP 2 is the successor of Revopoint POP and obtains more precision. The Revopoint MINI is the first blue light 3D scanner under 1000USD. It can meet some professional needs. More than 3.08 million USD be raised by it on Kickstarter and get more than 5500 backers.

In the future, 3D scanners will be universal as smartphones.
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