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Space launch

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For the space enthusiasts.

Sad face. Starship 1 blew up today after lift off. Launched from Boca Chica Texas. It's a little weird that Texas has its own space launch center. I served both at Vandenberg AFB and Cape Canaveral AS and worked a few missions for Wallops Island.

Commercial space has really changed the environment.

Still have friends and colleagues in the field and I get a little envious every now and then when I see what they are working on.

P.S. 3d printing, resin composites, innovative fuel research are all being integrated into the new systems. Some are silly like making 3d prints of the different parts to present to leadership so they can better understand/explain what the egg head scientists and engineers are doing.
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Starship 1 blew up today after lift off.
Saw that a short while ago. What was the payload?
No payload. It was its first test launch. Now comes the weeks and months of trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it
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Yepp, a sad day indeed.
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