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Recycling filament boxes

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I have several empty filament boxes. After finding a post about a guy that designed dividers to make the boxes useful, I decided to do the same. I used his design for one, then made several for myself.
Moving forward, I have been upgrading a CR-10S. My nephew is going to buy it someday. :) I think it is ready for action. Last night, and early this morning, I printed this insert. Next one won't have a bottom. That took a long time. The insert is 200 x 200 x 68mm with a 1.4 thick bottom. It's a snug fit. I forgot about closing the lid. I need to make one that is a couple mm less in width. :)

Instant storage, and less waste in the trash. Win win. :)
Yep, 11hr 32 minutes.

And...what's up with "Toast"? I made up a list of names to identify the printers. It gets confusing. I used the names of Cleetus McFarland and his cars - Cleetus, Ruby, Mullet, Leroy, Toast, and McFlurry.


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