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My sister picked up a Creality pro, that had been modified, and gave it to me to get working. After a lot of messing around, I found out I need to upload the firmware, I think we got that figured out, but to uplaod to the board, you need to power it through the Micro USB port, not through the main power input. But that port is broken off the board. We can buy new plugs, but have no way to do the fine soldering. A new board is like $65. then we are back to figuring out the firmware. A new printer is like $300, thinking of just going that route. The slowly transfer the upgraded stuff from this printer to the new one.

It has the Big tree tech Octopus pro board.

Electrical wiring Computer hardware Electronic engineering Engineering Cable

Here is the port that is missing.

Circuit component Hood Electronic instrument Computer hardware Audio equipment

I think it is also an upgraded extruder, and fans. Or at least previously worked over.

Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Bumper

Just keep getting delayed by other things in life.
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