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And here I am wishing I had a larger shop! My shop is well organized and works well for the type of work I like to do. But on those occasions where I want to build something a little larger, like the media stand we just completed, then we have to carry everything into the kitchen to have room to assemble the unit. My plan is to be back to building acoustic guitars soon so that will present new challenges for staging multiple instruments.
my current shop is a 29 foot gutted out camper. the machine takes most of the camper/shop width, so i have access on only one side. that's why i am building a bigger shop. i have the platform built, but winter came before i could move the tent garage onto it.
fun part will be moving the very heavy machine from the current camper/shop to the new shop. i have a plan, but it all depends on if my father's and my backs can handle the weight.

so i can currently understand the desire for a bigger shop, though mine is far from organized. ;) spare parts scattered all over the place... i really need to spend some time organizing a bit, but i am always busy with the machine build.

i currently have zero space for project staging. even my fathers shop has very little space, as he has his own projects in progress.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts