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Multiple notifications

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Just a note for the admins.

I'm getting multiple, repeating notifications for old posts. Today I got an email telling me about a post to a thread I started but the post was from 22 April and I've been notified about this post several times.

I don't know what's wrong but for now I've turned off all of my notifications and I hope that fixes this until someone with more familiarity with the site software can find this bug.

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I'm getting the same; it's like all the post notifications for the last month are being sent at once. It's something I've been wanting to check on but only think about it when all the notices pop in.
yeah, i just now got a flood to my email address... only 13 or so emails, but annoying just the same.
I did as well and I've turned my notifications off.

Someone on the backend of this site has decided that our user preferences can be over-ridden and we can be alerted even if we specifically request not to be.

Time for a Spamassassin filter!
VS techs have it now; I've been back and forth with them. We'll see...
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Same here. The line marking no updates and the view counts aren't right either.
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