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Laser engraved sycamore Christmas box - Customer Commission

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Part of my operation is a wood shop. Got a customer request for a Christmas present for a young man who is a smoker, and they wanted as themed box and a pipe.
IBEWJon from the Lunberjocks forum visisted me this fall and brought me two sticks of sycamore from a tree that his GRANDFATHER had planted. Precious stuff indeed. This is the first sycamore I've ever used and, man, it is pretty! I'll shut up and let the pics speak for themselves.
Wood Rectangle Natural material Trunk Hardwood

Once around the box showing all four corner views.

Brown Rectangle Wood Hardwood Wood stain

Brown Textile Rectangle Font Red

Bottom and underside of lid have my logo and customer dedication.

Brown Rectangle Wood Tree Trunk

Man! That is pretty! The engraving looks like it could have grown there!

Table Rectangle Wood Trunk Tree

Really pretty!
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Really nice work, Mark, and the Sycamore looks fantastic!

This would also be popular at one of our sister forums - Router Forums. We'd also like to see your shop if you don't mind sharing some photos. You can see mine in the video I posted on the Media Stand build.
Wood Material property Gas Rectangle Machine

Precision wood saw (in garage), cuts to the nearest 1/32" +-0.002"!

Blue Audio equipment Engineering Gas Technology

Electronics bench, CNC machine (SainSmart 3018-Pro) and 3D printer (Creality)

Wood Milling Machine tool Gas Computer hardware

Atomstack M50 laser engraver/cutter.

Light Fluid Liquid Plastic bottle Water

A random project that shows some precision woodworking.
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Nice work, Mark. Looks like a good shop to work in, as well.
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