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I need a part made

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Hi All

I was directed here from the woodworking forum and it was suggested I see if anyone wants a project.

I want a plastic piece made for a Craftsman Radial Arm Saw. You can see a picture of it attached. It's about 3.5" x 3.5" x 1.25" tall.

It was made of thin, brittle plastic and it broke on almost every saw I've ever seen. I was lucky enough to get this sample off a saw, it was already cracked and broke apart as I was removing it but I saved all the pieces and glued it back together.

Since it's symmetrical I'm hoping that one half can be scanned and then mirrored in the software to create a full, unblemished, image. I'd like at least three made, I could poll over at Woodworker Talk to see how many more could be required. The maker could then sell them on eBay or etsy etc.

I'd like the new ones to be made of a thicker more durable plastic, they will get a lot of vibration since they are on the side of a saw motor. I'm willing to mail my sample to someone who wants the gig.

If this is the wrong forum I hope that the mods will move it to the correct one.


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I just checked on this and it must be that the tapped hole in the motor casing isn't perfectly aligned.

The part is OK, I took it off and rotated it 180 degrees and put it back on and it was still out a little on the bottom. Then I removed the bottom screw and pushed and it seated OK but with it seated firmly the screw won't go in. It's a matter of 1/16th" but likely the fault of the casting not the dust cover.

Nothing to worry about.
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