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Just joined. It's all David's fault. :)
Former woodworker for several decades. I had a CNC which was fun, but finally sold it to make room in the shop for my printer(s).
During the pandemic, I discovered a lot of folks printing "ear savers" and donating to those who needed them such as EMS, nurses, doctors and so on. Some were shipped to a hospital in Honolulu, and one to a hospital in St Croix, USVI.

I started with an Ender3Pro, which I still have. After a week, I bought a CR-10S, then a couple of months later, I bought a Sunlu S8 from an internet friend. Three printers churning out nearly 50 of the ear savers every 3 hours or thereabotus. I have been a member of several woodworking forums and charter member of 2 fishing websites so a lot of people "know" me. A lot of requests for the ear savers would include postage for shipping, and several added extra $$ for the cause. Finally, I was asked to make an Amazon "Wish List" of the filament needed. Principals from several local schools (elementary and middle) ordered filament in their School colors and had it shipped directly to me. All total, I made almost 19K. That was a lot of trips to the Post Office. Locally, folks would come pick them up, or I would deliver if that was feasible. This turned out to be an amazing journey, and definitely one of the best things I have ever done.

I have upgraded the Ender3Pro to a silent board, v2 digital display and CR Touch auto bed level. It has the Jyers firmware running, and controlled by a HP T620 thin client running Linux Mint and Octoprint. For Christmas this year, I bought the Ender3 Max Neo. Love this printer! I have it controlled using an HP 5010 thin client, Linux Mint and Octoprint.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)


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just joined. It's all David's fault. :)
LOL! Glad you're here, Mike. Jump in with both feet, please sir.

I followed your progress with this project when you began and shared it with me - it's a great story and testament to your willingness to serve.
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