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I am a 2nd generation in Additive Manufacturing. AKA Industrial 3D printing. Which my farther started out in back in the early days with Carl Deckard, who invented SLS. I can run perty much any & all Additive Manufacturing machines under the sun. I specialize in SLS, but not limited to it either. I can do SLA, LCD, DLP, FDM, POLYJET, DLMS, & ETC. Also, with a rather large portfolio of materials ran.

I have ran a Serverice Bureau for 4.5 Years, Worked for a large FDM machine company, Built rockets, a company that specializes in automation of post processing Additives Manufacturing parts, & currently work for a machine & materials supplier.

I currently have & can run the largest SLS machine on the planet. Being a Build Volume of 1000 X 500 X 450mm.

I have a couple of machines in the house as well. A FDM Machine being the Flsun QQ, then two LCD machines one being a Wiibox 120 & the other being the Sain Smart KL9.

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OK, I think I know what that is. You are lucky to be in that field at this time. My metal working is with lathes, and milling machines. My planning is still paper and pencil, If I want to get detailed, I go to the drafting table. The CAD is growing on me, but taking its time.
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