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Buying my first 3D printer

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Is the Prusa i3 MK3S still a good one to get or is the Ender 3 Pro/V2 a better choice? Looking to get into 3D printing next year and beginning my research.
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In reading a little more, is the Ender 6 more of a match for the Prusa?
I’d want to be able to print everything from rubbery stuff to hard, ridgid durable stuff.
I believe it depends on the printer you choose. Some even print glass filled, metal, carbon fiber, etc. but they're probably pricey.

Btw, welcome to the forum!
I feel like we’ve met before! :)
Haha! I had the same feeling; must be ESPN. ;)

Here's some filament that says any 3D printer that can print PLA can print this glass-filled PLA - Glass Filled PLA Midnight Black, 1.75mm
One of the things I’ve noticed while printer shopping is that many don’t show the maximum printable area which is kind of important to me.
In what little shopping I've done the ones who don't mention that stat are typically a little on the small side and don't want to advertise that weak stance. Some of the ones who do mention it because of the large print area are maybe hoping it makes up for some other shortcoming in their printer. Research is key here! :)

When it actually comes time for me to acquire a 3D printer I'll do a spreadsheet to generate my own pros and cons before purchasing.
My guess is that once you have printer that can print 10” you’ll have a project that’s 11” so you get a 12” printer, then you have a project that’s 13” and so on.
That's the way it is with my 6" jointer. Sure wish I had an 8" jointer! :D
I think I am on my 5th or 6th nozzle.
Is that about average for a 3D printer? I'm sure it depends on what material you print, volume of print jobs, number of spools of filament, etc. but just in general?
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